Little Red Fish update

First two panels of the latest completed page for "The Little Red Fish" and the logos for opposite factions. You can follow more of my work and see the rest of this page by subscribing to my monthly news letter here
To provide context, the comic is a political allegory about the events that led up to the Iranian revolution in '79 - as well as the revolution itself.  This story focuses more on the leftist groups during the time - a story not often told in the United States.
Logo info
The top logo was designed to give a similar vibe as the Shah's lion emblem (Heron's represent the Shah's faction).

The bottom logo references leftist colors and graphic approaches. The acronym is a reference to "The Iranian People's Fedai Guerillas" - one of the leftist groups around during that time period. TGPG stands for "The Gulf People's Guerillas" (This name is just a stand in for now and is subject to change.)

More info and sample pages can be found here

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