VCUarts Communication Arts Posters

Below are a few posters I designed to promote our department.

The first one's point of departure was sending posters with statements about art by our faculty to high schools around the country. High school art teachers are lacking in resources, so I thought that this would be well received since art/design schools typically send poster advertisements for their respective schools. The funding isn't possible for a massive campaign so we are going to distribute them internally. 

The next image is a statement by faculty TyRuben Ellingson's father, William J Ellingson. The image is by TyRuben Ellingson, a concept artist who has recently worked on Elysium and Pacific Rim. 

The third is a typographic experiment with our mission statement. Its a work in progress. We are encouraging faculty to also try their hand at doing a mission statement poster. The type is collaged from scanned photo-copies that were distorted by moving the type as it was being scanned.

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