Illustation for Richmond Magazine

Latest illustration appearing in this January 2014 issue of Richmond Magazine (CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE). It is an illustrated timeline on the infamous Lumpkins Jail plot and slave burial ground to coincide with the second proposal for a ballpark in the area. As the viewer moves deeper in the earth they mover further in the past. The closest figure is supposed to be a reference to Gabriel Prosser, a black smith and slave who planned what would have been one of the largest slave rebellions in the US.

I also put together an objective timeline for this image. There was so much history. I wish we could put it all in there. Two of the most interesting nuggets I found dealt with who Lumpkin left his estate to and the timing of Hurricane Gaston.

Not included in the published timeline ... Mr. Lumpkin left his estate to Mary Lumpkin even though they weren't married. I also found referenced historical documents implying that she was his slave.

Hurricane Gaston hit Richmond on the anniversary of the storm that prevented Gabriel Prosser from launching his uprising. The damages of this storm would be used as a springboard to develop a ballpark in the same area Prosser is buried. This fact and more are included in the timeline that can be found in the latest issue of Richmond Magazine and eventually posted on their website here
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